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Huffy 12V Battery-Powered SWAT Truck 2-Seater Ride-On Toy

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Huffy 2-Seater Police Ride-On Swat Truck Toy Your child will have a blast patrolling the neighborhood with this interactive 12V...
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Huffy 2-Seater Police Ride-On Swat Truck Toy

Your child will have a blast patrolling the neighborhood with this interactive 12V SWAT Truck Ride-On Toy by Huffy. The design matches SWAT truck details that add a realistic look and feel to the ride. All the details and features deliver adventure and excitement in this police ride-on toy.

Press the power button to play start-up engine sounds! Flip the red switch to activate emergency sirens and headlights. Press down on the foot pedal accelerator to go!

The red shifter allows your child to travel forward and reverse. Adjust the vehicle's speed between 2.5 m.p.h. and 5.0 m.p.h. by flipping the switch underneath the seat. Press the steering wheel's buttons to "honk the horn".

This two-seater ride-on allows your junior officer to bring a partner along for patrol. It features a rear cargo holder to help carry supplies along the ride. Plus, your child can use the remote speaker to give orders, or tell the other ride-on to, "Pull over"!

This electric police car ride-on includes a 12-volt battery with a convenient-to-use battery charger. Cruise down the streets and lay down the law with this feature-rich SWAT ride-on. From Huffy, We Make Fun.

Police Ride-On Toy Features:

  • FEATURES: Lay down the law with this interactive SWAT truck ride-on .
  • Recommended Age: 3 years and up.
  • Maximum Weight: 125 lbs.
  • 2-Seater Ride-On Bring a partner along for patrol
  • Lights and Sounds: Activate emergency sirens and headlights by flipping the switch on the dashboard.
  • Sound Activated: Press the power button to play fun start-up engine sounds.
  • Radio-Remote Speaker: Your child can use the remote speaker to project his voice.
  • "Honk the Horn": Press the buttons on the steering wheel to activate the horn sound.
  • Battery: 12-volt battery, convenient-to-use charger.
  • Ride-On Speed: Switch between 2.5 m.p.h. and 5.0 m.p.h.
  • Forward and Reverse: Move the shifter to change direction.
  • Two 4-point harnesses: Safety first, buckle up before riding.
  • Tires: Durable resin traction-tread tires.

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